Jonathan Valin | 4x5 Scans

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Modified 25-Dec-15
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These photos were taken with a Toyo 45AII field camera equipped with either a Schneider Apo-Symmar f5.6 150mm lens or a Rodenstock Grandagon f6.8 90mm lens or a Schneider Apo-Symmar f5.6 210mm lens on Kodak Ektar or Kodak Portra 160NC or Kodak Tri-X TXP-320 sheet film. The negatives were processed by Robin Imaging and then scanned by me on an Epson V750M Pro scanner at 2400dpi/48-bit. The digital files are almost half a gigabyte in size, roughly 8000 x 10,000 pixels (80Mp). All post-processing was done in Lightroom 3 and Photoshop.